June 4th Clay Ball Seeding Work Day

On June 4th, Tres Piedras Partners Ranch (TPPR) , U.S. Partners for Fish and Wildlife (USPFW), high school interns, and Chama Peak Land Alliance met at the ranch to complete a native re-seeding project. The ranch, home to the Creative Healing Arts Center, has been investing in a habitat improvement project to benefit Federal Trust Species and includes spring and pond enhancement, endemic small-headed goldenweed management, and native grass establishment. The Partners program has worked closely with the landowner on the project and brought five high school students from Albuquerque to take part in the fun. These youth interns are with a program called Agua Es Vida Training Program, a project of the Querencia Institute, which the Partners program has been teaming up with for the last 2 years do develop an experiential learning program based on water conservation and habitat restoration. One doesn’t think about re-seeding as being an especially fun, but these students got to launch super ball-sized clay balls filled with native seeds from the back of a 1968 Chevy truck out onto a test plot of land that had been cleared of sagebrush. As a part of the work day, the students also had the opportunity to discuss how landowners are integral to conservation, and see first-hand how juniper thinning and fencing were improving springs and ponds and the evidence of the diversity of animal species that are benefitting from this work.


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