July 2015 Aspen Resilience Across Boundaries Workshop

In the 1980s, a small group of researchers worked for several years to compile all relevant aspen science in one publication; it would become known to scientists and managers as “The Aspen Bible” because at the time it was thought to have everything one needed to know about aspen ecosystems and management. But research from the last decade has added much more to our understanding of these important ecosystems. The Aspen Resilience Across Boundaries Workshop, held in Chama from July 21-24, gathered natural resource managers, landowners, and academics to share new science and on-the-ground experience in aspen management. Over 40 presenters and participants came from across New Mexico, Colorado and Utah and represented a variety of organizations, agencies, and universities. The agenda featured short presentations on aspen ecology, emerging aspen science, and forest management in a changing climate. Field tours on private and public lands gave participants the opportunity to learn about what landowners and agencies are doing to address declining stands and to get many minds thinking about remaining questions and challenges.


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