June 2015 Rio San Antonio Field Tour

In partnership with Rocky Mountain Ecology, Chimayó Conservation Corps, and U.S. Forest Service, CPLA reached out to landowners to help familiarize them with a project that is currently being considered on public lands in the San Antonio watershed. The project, as proposed, would focus on Forest Service lands along the Rio San Antonio and Tio Grande reaches, and is being designed to address temperature, dissolved oxygen, and E. coli impairments for the benefit of fish and overall water quality of the watershed. Landowners and grazing permittees met to see the proposed project areas, gain a better understanding of the impact that these projects will have, ask questions, share concerns, and learn how to look at macro-invertebrates as an indicator of water quality. Additionally, CPLA introduced opportunities to address watershed issues at a larger scale and shared information on resources that are available to landowners for the private lands they manage.

Watch a short video of our macro-invertebrate sampling below.


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