September 2011 Meeting & Fire Ecology Field Trip

In September 2011, the Alliance Board met at Betty Shahan’s ranch and we also conducted a field tour of pre and post burn sites in the Alliance region. The Alliance was lucky to be able to interact with science advisory members that provide their expert advice, scientific information, and feedback in a way that ensures the integrity of their science-based council. We also joined a field demonstration of adaptive management with Bill Romme, retired fire ecologist from Colorado State University to learn about the role that fire plays in the ecosystem and how different treatments on private lands may be adaptively managed to ensure the best positive outcome. For example, we saw treatments where noxious weeds were minimal or completely absent versus treatments where noxious weeds had gained a foothold. Utilizing the information learned from such experiments is instrumental in assisting private landowners with their management activities to both reduce the cost of management while maximizing the positive ecological benefits.


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