The Chama Peak Land Alliance is an association of conservation minded landowners who are interested in working together on common issues and problems in the southern San Juan Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico. The Alliance is unique in the region because it contains a concentration of contiguous, large expanses of wildlands. Land ownership, management, and use are very diverse but the landowners in this region share a common desire to keep this spectacular landscape healthy and unfragmented through land stewardship efforts.

The Alliance evolved as a way for landowners to unite for coordinated conservation through collaboration, communication, and a unified response to land management issues. Landowners are uniquely positioned to balance the many challenges of responsible land management and also to adapt quickly to advances in environmental science and changing business climates. Members have a mutual concern for the health and open space future of the land. The members are conscientious, knowledgeable, and experienced land stewards and managers who are concerned with many resource issues, loss of economic revenues, and threats to critical renewable natural and wildlife resources. One threat is the ongoing landscape fragmentation taking place in the region and its effects on sustainable land-use practices and ecosystems. Another concern is the declining productivity, loss of biological diversity, and increasing risk to many ecosystems in the region. Many members of the Alliance are taking a proactive and progressive approach to ecosystem and economic health and sustainability by implementing a variety of land improvement practices that are driven by good science and a strong conservation ethic.

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