Pagosa Springs High School Scholarship

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Chama Peak Land Alliance Scholarship for Pagosa Springs High School!

We are pleased to announce that Delaney Khung is the winner of the 2017 $1,000 Conservation Scholarship awarded by the Chama Peak Land Alliance, generously sponsored by Dan and Ashlyn Perry, to exceptional high school students at Pagosa Springs High School in Pagosa Springs, CO. Additional $500 scholarships were awarded to Josh Keuning, Pitcher Lindner, and Nick Talamante. Scholarships assist students in defraying costs associated with their pursuit of higher education. Congratulations to these exceptional students!

Delaney Khung

I, Delaney Khung, am honored to receive a scholarship from such a respectable organization who shares a similar passion with me for the environment. I am extremely grateful for both the Chama Peak Land Alliance’s support in furthering my education and for their dedication towards preserving the environment. This fall, I will attend the University of Colorado Boulder in the pursuit of an engineering degree. With this, it is my greatest hope to one day replicate the efforts of this organization by entering the renewable energy career field with intent to develop and promote environmentally friendly energy alternatives and subsequently help preserve our earth for current and future generations.

Pitcher Lindner

Pitcher Lindner recently graduated Pagosa Springs High School. He is excited to attend UT Austin in the fall where he will study Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Nicholas Talamante

My name is Nicholas Talamante. I am 18 years old and a graduate of Pagosa Springs High School. I have lived in the Chromo area my whole life. I grew up on a ranch, hunting, fishing, and haying. I attribute my academic success to this. On top of my normal chores I was a member of National Honor Society, President of Student Council, and a member of Skills USA. I also participated in sports during the fall and winter. I will be attending Colorado School of Mines and am wanting to get my degree in Civil Engineering.

Joshua Keuning

My name is Josh Keuning and I have lived in Pagosa Springs my whole life. I love the outdoors and I am very honored to receive the Chama Peak Land Alliance scholarship! Josh will be attending Grand Canyon University.