Community-Based Mapping Workshops

See below for links to download the final community values map report and access the geodatabase.

Watch a 3-minute motion story on the project

Community Map Review Report and Geodatabase

Download a final draft of the report here (.pdf) (December 2013)

Access the Geodatabase with report files, click here.


Colorado and New Mexico are facing oil and gas leasing decisions that may affect landscapes and communities for decades to come.  Responsible energy development can bring positive economic benefits and provide American energy independence. Unplanned energy development, however, can inadvertently injure the region’s environment, economy, and quality of life. 

In July 2013, the Alliance formed a unique partnership with Archuleta County, Colorado, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, Future West, and Groundtruth Geographics to conduct a community-based mapping process to identify critical community resources such as municipal water supplies, high-value recreation, wildlife, and agricultural production areas that may be impacted by energy development.

The goal of the workshop was to create a transparent and interactive community-driven map that identifies and ranks community values on the landscape. This GIS-based map of community values can be integrated with other data layers such as wildlife habitat and local government land use plans to create a basis for landscape-scale planning. Communities can then use this map to minimize potential energy development impacts to critical community resources such as municipal water supplies, acequias, moradas, high-value recreation, hunting areas, and agricultural production areas.