Memorandum of Cooperation

We, the undersigned, as residents of the Chromo and Chama areas and, to the extent applicable, members of the Chama Peak Land Alliance, do hereby subscribe and agree to the following statements of cooperation for our community in relation to any future efforts by lease brokers or oil and gas exploration companies to solicit oil and gas leases from members of our community:

  1.  We agree that cooperation among members of our community is vital to secure environmental protections and prevent the violation of landowner rights in the event drilling operations were to take place.
  2. We agree that wide distribution of information will enable members of our community to make the best choices concerning lease terms, if they are inclined to enter into leases, and to that end agree that information about the terms of proposed leases should be exchanged with others in the community.
  3. We agree that it is vitally important to have a master area best practices agreement in place with any and all exploration companies, to which individual leases are subordinated, addressing such matters as traffic impacts, water use, wildlife, waste water disposal, and other important issues.
  4. We agree that information about the potential environmental impacts of oil and gas exploration should be made widely available so that individual landowners can make informed judgments about whether the environmental consequences of such impacts might outweigh the perceived financial benefits of leasing.