Keeping lands open and intact is important, but the management of these lands is also critical. The Alliance assists landowners in meeting their land health objectives by coordinating stewardship efforts across boundaries, providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and technical resources and connecting landowners and agricultural producers with funding opportunities.  Some of the projects currently underway include riparian restoration and aspen regeneration. Landowners are also involved in Colorado River and Rio Grande Cutthroat restoration efforts on both sides of the Divide.

Through 2013 to 2016, the Alliance is receiving a grant from the Intermountain West Joint Venture to increase capacity to fund a Stewardship Coordinator that leverages existing technical and financial resources on private lands, building our collective capacity to achieve conservation at a meaningful scale within the 1.4 million acre Alliance region. As a result, we are working one-on-one with willing private landowners by providing information on a variety of conservation tools, including conservation easements, water conservation, and habitat restoration projects. Our partners in this project include the NRCS, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, and NM Land Conservancy.

And, in 2015 and 2016, the Alliance received a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Conservation Partners grant to launch the San Juan – Rio Grande Riparian Stewardship Program. Through this program, we are working with willing landowners to deliver on-the-ground conservation projects to increase the health and resilience of riparian areas to benefit the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and other riparian obligate species. Conservation projects are being focused along the Blanco and Navajo Rivers, tributaries to the San Juan Watershed, and along the Chamita and Rio Chama, tributaries to the Rio Grande Watershed. As our first deliverable for this grant, we hired a full-time Stewardship Coordinator.

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Aspen Habitat and Riparian Areas in the Alliance Region