Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass straddles the Continental Divide between two of the largest intact wilderness areas in the Southern Rockies – the Weminuche and South San Juans. It is a critical area for the movement of wildlife such as lynx and wolverine. Recently, the Forest Service finalized a Record of Decision (ROD) which will set the stage for a large scale development the size of Aspen with up to 8,000 year-round visitors in some of the most important wildlife habitat in the heart of the West. If this development goes forward, one of the most important wildlife corridors in the Southern Rockies would be forever lost in addition to other serious effects on water, fire safety, and the scenic beauty of our wild spaces. Our goal is to maintain Wolf Creek Pass as a connectivity corridor and climate refugia as mountain habitats shift towards higher elevations in the Southern Rockies, and to improve security for listed or candidate species.

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Wolf Creek Pass Landscape Linkage Connected to the Chama Peak Region

Wolf Creek Pass Landscape Linkage Connected to the Chama Peak Region.