Ways to Participate

There are three ways to participate with the Chama Peak Land Alliance:

Supporters – are organizations, businesses, or individuals that are supportive of our mission and wish to support the Alliance both through financial support and by staying in touch with the Alliance. Supporters can sign up to receive e-mail communications from the Alliance (see below) and may contribute to the Alliance financially to support our efforts.

Members – are private landowners and/or their appointed representatives in the broad geographic region of the Alliance. Membership dues begin at $50 and help to cover the costs of regular communication on Alliance work and upcoming opportunities and events.

Members should read our charter and sign the membership form (.pdf) as well as the member agreement form (.pdf). The Alliance charter referenced in the membership form can be found here.

You can now submit your membership online! Click here.

You can also renew your membership online! Click here.

Partners – are organizations, agencies, and other entities that are supportive of our mission and work with us on projects of mutual interest. Click here for a list of our partners.

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