CPLA welcomes new Board Member - Claudia Reynoso!

The Chama Peak Land Alliance is pleased to welcome Claudia Reynoso to the Board of Directors! We are very excited to have Claudia provide her expertise and enthusiasm for natural resources, youth education, and the environment of Northern New Mexico to help further the mission of the Alliance. Thank you, Claudia, for sharing your time and expertise with us!

Keep reading below for a biography of Claudia and remember you can read about all our Board Members HERE.

Claudia Reynoso 2.png

Claudia is a Middle-High School science teacher at Escalante Middle High School in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico. Claudia graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor's in Conservation Biology (2014) and Masters in Natural Resources (2017). Claudia has studied the effects of fire and invasive species on the native Arizona Grey squirrel in the Catalina Mountains, ecosystem services provided by the Mexican Free-tailed bat, payments for ecosystem services, wildlife and natural resource management, and the benefits of urban green spaces (e.g. parks, trees, green infrastructure etc.) on urban dwellers.

Claudia is determined to educate our youth about the importance of natural resources to promote stewardship and a conservation minded economy. Claudia’s passion for the natural world has led her to advocate for outdoor programing, as this is known to promote stewardship and have health benefits to children. Claudia’s vision is that our students will come out with a deep appreciation for the process of nature and the role science plays in understanding these processes.

Claudia once lived in Northern New Mexico and remembers playing in great fields and hay stacks. This left a lasting memory that influenced her decision to return. Claudia’s goal was to come back and tend the land her dad purchased in a beautiful pocket of the Carson National forest. After 20 years, Claudia returned to Northern New Mexico because deep down she this is where her heart has always been.

Welcome, Claudia!