Meet Our Newest Board Member!

Please join us in welcoming Brittany Wallace, manager at Trout Stalker Ranch in Chama, to the CPLA Board of Directors! Brittany brings a ton of enthusiasm to her work and we're excited to have her join our team! See her biography below for more about her interests and expertise!

All of Brittany’s passions align when it comes to her work as the ranch manager of Trout Stalker Ranch. The 1500+ acre ranch is nestled in the valley of Chama in northern New Mexico. With over 1000 acres in conservation, the ranch’s holistic goals is to steward the private land and water in a way that it may flourish. With her comprehensive background in animal husbandry and her devotion for guiding humans through growth, Trout Stalker Ranch focuses on conservation, recreation & education which allows the ranch to share this protected wild ecosystem with the public through programs or a stay.

Brittany also holds a position as the backcountry wrangler Continental Divide Trail Ambassador. She is currently creating programs and partnerships that support youth and women to adventure into the backcountry. Brittany believes the wilderness holds space for us to re-employ slow living, rewild and reignite the flame of our primitive torch. Partnering with horses and nature as the guides, Brittany facilitates personal growth through experience based education. She is taking steps towards becoming a hunting guide, so that she may teach women how to consciously & respectfully harvest their own food. Follow Brittany on Instagram: @honeymarrow

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Brittany Wallace, manager at Trout Stalker Ranch

Brittany Wallace, manager at Trout Stalker Ranch